#1: Start with a Whiskey Persona ™ and discover the whiskeys fit for you.

When you sign up to become a Whiskey Me Up® Member, we help you figure out your starting Whiskey Persona™. Yes, that's right. You could be a VIXEN, a MODERN GENT, or a HIPSTER. That's just the beginning. Based on your starting Whiskey Persona, we recommend scotches, bourbons, ryes and all sorts of whiskeys fit for you. And then...

#2: Enhance your palette with our recommendations and watch your taste buds evolve your Whiskey Persona™.

Yes, you might start as a VIXEN today but as we recommend more and more whiskeys for you to taste and you tell us what you like and don't like, you'll watch your Whiskey Persona evolve into something else (or confirm you truly are that VIXEN or perhaps a FASHION ICON). The possibilities are endless. And then...

#3: Meet and mingle with other Whiskey Personas ™ at invite-only events.

Go beyond the online and get invited to exclusive tastings and events with other Whiskey Personas. Currently in New York and San Francisco only.


Whisky Magazine with Rose Jia on coverHi, I'm Rose Jia, otherwise known as "Scotch Rose."

You might have seen me on the cover of Whisky Magazine in July 2013 for being an entrepreneur in New York who loves all things whisk(e)y. (Yes, that's me looking stern on the cover. I typically smile a lot, but in this photoshoot, I was told—repeatedly—that I had to act more serious. More "bad ass". Well, that's my "bad ass" look...)

But the story started long before 2013...

First, I will admit that I'm in love with whiskey. Yes, in love. Not like an alcoholic way, but like an admirer of a piece of art or poetry or novel or film.

"How," you might ask, "can you be in love with a thing?" Well, it's because I'm in love with the experience whiskey brings out in me. Let me try to explain from the beginning...

Long before I came to found Whiskey Me Up ™, I had been an investment banker. (Yes, I know, one of those.) I worked all day and partied all night. Every time my friends and I went out to a club, we'd order a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black and a bottle of Grey Goose. I couldn't hold my vodka very well, so I turned to whiskey. Didn't think much of it except that the shots went down pretty easy and my hangover the next day was somewhat controlled. Thus, Johnnie became my go-to for years.

Then, two and a half years ago, my good friend Jeff, introduced me to my first tasting. It was incredible. I didn't know that whiskeys had so many flavors, nor did I know that different whiskeys could transport me to another realm, another time, another moment. It was as if I was experiencing something completely different every time I had that sip of whiskey. I was enthralled. I tasted each one with a complete open mind, forgetting everything I had learned from my whiskey shots days.

Lagavulin 16Before I knew it, I found my whisky love. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but the feelings I got from tasting that delicious Lagavulin 16 could be characterized as the 'warm and fuzzy' feelings of someone in love. It sent me to a moment in time where I'm curled in front of a fireplace on my leather chair with a soft blanket wrapped around me. I felt warm and safe, happy and comforted. Isn't that how love makes you feel?

Anyways, shortly after that moment, I decided I wanted to create an opportunity for everyone to feel the same way I do about whiskey. Drinking whiskey isn't just an act, but an experience. I wanted people to experience their own moments with their own whiskey loves. And, hence, Whiskey Me Up was created.

Whisky Magazine photoshootWhiskey Me Up, in essence, is an online discovery engine (much like Pandora or Netflix) for whiskey that has an offline component (the Secret Whiskey Tastings ™). The goal is to help you find those few whiskey loves and have you enjoy them in cool and swanky environments with cool and swanky people.

Oh, and if you're wondering how the Whiskey Persona ™ fit into all this, let's just say, what better way to experience a moment than to do it through the lens of your cooler, sexier and swankier self? (Imagine: you're James Bond for the night and you're drinking whiskey with that sexy Vixen in a very cozy and beautiful restaurant...)

What are you waiting for? Become a Member and sign up!


--Signing out--
Scotch Rose