It’s Not Too Late to Get the Perfect Whiskey-Related Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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Gift season is upon us! With Christmahanakwanzika rounding the corner, here are some last minute but highly appropriate whiskey-related gifts that won’t break your bank! Oh, and yes, we did categorize it by Whiskey Persona ™. (High-five!)

2016 Gift for Whiskey Persona Modern Lady: Monogrammed Necklace

For the MODERN LADY Whiskey Persona: Monogrammed Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Necklace ($25) [Purchase]

Alongside a nice easy dram of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, you can get her a monogrammed necklace made from an oak bourbon barrel, similar to the ones used by Jack Daniel’s to age their whiskey. That’s right, she’ll be thinking of you every time she puts it on!

Remind yourself what’s special about a Modern Lady and her Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.


2016 Gift for Whiskey Persona Vixen: Astoria Whiskey Decanter
For the VIXEN Whiskey Persona: Astoria Whiskey Decanter ($45) [Purchase]

The Vixen we all know doesn’t want just anything. She wants something she can touch, smell and enjoy. She wants to be able to pour her favorite scotch like a Lagavulin 16 and know it’s going to taste the way she likes it—neat and bold. Well, look no further! Get her this whiskey decanter and let her know just how beautiful those curves are and how you can’t wait to have what’s inside.

Remind yourself what’s special about a Vixen and her Lagavulin 16.

For the MODERN GENT Whiskey Persona: The Personalized Flask & Cigar Set ($70) [Purchase]

For the (world) traveler we know The Modern Gent is, this cigar and flask set can be personalized with your message to him… so when he jet sets around the world and drinking his Macallan 18 from the flask, he will always remember who gave him his favorite travel companion.

Remind yourself what’s special about a Modern Gent and his Macallan 18.

2016 Gift for Whiskey Persona Woodsman: Personalized Mini Oak Barrel
For the WOODSMAN Whiskey Persona: Personalized Handcrafted American Oak Barrel ($70) [Purchase]

We know your Woodsman has a bottle of Ardbeg 10 prominently displayed in his wood cabin, which he built with his bare hands. So, when he’s taking a rest from doing all those manly things around the cabin, he would appreciate a nice dram of his own aged whiskey… and he’ll be thinking of you when he’s sipping on that bit of golden liquid.

Remind yourself what’s special about a Woodsman and his Ardbeg 10.


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