Did You Know: Wonder Woman Likes Her Liquid Gold Smokey?

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Did you know Wonder Woman likes her liquid gold smokey, intense and powerful?
She craves a nice drink that can make her feel at home but still give her the umph she needs to carry through the rest of her night. That would be an Ardbeg 10. It’s smoky like the remnants of a finished fire in the Amazonian forest. It’s intense like the way she interrogates her enemies. And, it’s fiery like her personality.

History #4: The (Not-So-Secret) Love Affair

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There are 4 steps to finding the right whisk(e)y:

1. Discover. Figure out the traits that you want in “the one.”
2. Explore. Check out a few different types that exhibit those traits.
3. Experience. Get to know one type intimately.
4. Fall in love. Realize you found “the one.”

Well, there is a 5th step that is highly taboo in the real world but more than welcome in the knowing-your-Whiskey’d World.

The 5th step is: Have a love affair.